TRPS poster by Chuck Sperry

On October 9, 2010, in Posters, by Dire Wolf

TRPS poster by Chuck Sperry

Artist Chuck Sperry was com­mis­sioned by TRPS to cre­ate a poster for the Fes­ti­val Of Rock Posters held on Octo­ber 9, 2010 at the Hall of Flow­ers in San Fran­cisco, CA. All pro­ceeds from the sale of this  7 color screen print poster ben­e­fit the TRPS Artist Relief Fund. From and edi­tion of 125.

Chuck com­ments on this piece

This poster drips with San Francisco-style psy­che­delia. My spe­cial blend of Eye Fry Blue – incor­po­rates 100 per­cent hand-mixed flo­res­cent blue pow­der in a bril­liant blue that has been dis­con­tin­ued. This is the very last can of this par­tic­u­larly pure blue that works in con­cert with the heavy mon­ster brew of Eye Fry Red. The red was mixed dou­ble strong with flo­res­cent and punched up with Fire Red. Then I printed each one twice to give it extra Eye Fry­ing Kapow. After prepar­ing the Eye Fry Red, I printed the exact inten­sity of Eye Fry Blue with a very open screen usu­ally reserved for metal­lic inks to give it that last­ing after image on the eye and in the mind.

The gold metal­lic wall paper design in the back­ground of the poster image, looks like the type of Vic­to­rian wall­pa­per you might find in The Haight Ash­bury, with a lit­tle dif­fer­ence. The orig­i­nal damask design has been altered dev­il­ishly to mir­ror the effect such wall­pa­per has when one stares at it stoned – I know you’ve been there – the pat­terns become other things. See how many times you can find the word “TRiPS” in my design.

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