The Rock Poster Soci­ety (TRPS) was founded in 1998 by a small con­tin­gent of col­lec­tors, deal­ers, artists and enthu­si­asts. We are a non­profit, all-volunteer (nope, nobody gets paid) orga­ni­za­tion which seeks to per­pet­u­ate and pro­mote the long-standing rela­tion­ship between music and graphic art that we so fondly call “Rock Poster Art”.

The Rock Poster Soci­ety is the planet’s largest orga­nized group of rock poster col­lec­tors, artists, and deal­ers. TRPS (as we are known and pro­nounced like “trips”) is an eclec­tic, non-profit, non-denominational, com­mit­ted and focused vol­un­teer group who have as their com­mon bond an over­rid­ing joy in the art of the rock poster, be it Fill­more and Avalon, punk, box­ing style, off-the-wall or just plain bonafide out-there.

Although we are based in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia, we have mem­bers ALL over the coun­try and around the world. So kick off your shoes, take a stroll around, score some cool infor­ma­tion, see what’s com­ing up in the poster world, and most of all, com­mu­ni­cate with other kin­dred poster-collecting souls. We also do encour­age you to become a mem­ber of TRPS and enjoy the added ben­e­fits of membership.

TRPS logo design by: Dave Hunter

Our Mis­sion:

  • To gen­er­ate inter­est and pub­lic aware­ness of poster art.
  • To act as a hub of infor­ma­tion and resources that shall be avail­able to all.
  • To encour­age the free exchange of crit­i­cal archival advice and counsel.
  • To embrace and per­pet­u­ate the ongo­ing tales and folk lore sur­round­ing these vibrant works and to offer insight into their his­tor­i­cal backgrounds.
  • To bring to the fore­front, through pub­lic events and exhibits, the many great artists who cre­ated these works and to unite them with their fans.
  • To explore the con­tin­u­ing tra­di­tion of rock poster art from its ori­gins to its most recent incarnations.
  • To attempt to form a world­wide link with oth­ers who share the same inter­ests and passions.
  • And finally, to cre­ate a sense of com­mu­nity and fel­low­ship among those who are drawn to the joy of col­lect­ing so that we may all bask in the wealth of our obsession.

Our Board Members:

  • Pres­i­dent: Marty Hohn
  • Vice Pres­i­dent: Ben Marks
  • Trea­surer: Ron Schaffer
  • Sec­re­tary: Pam Neumiller
  • Mem­ber­ship: Loretta Baraona
  • Mem­ber­ship: Mark Rodriguez
  • Pub­lic­ity: Kath­leen Silber
  • Board Mem­ber: Vance Carpenter
  • Board Mem­ber: Nels Jacob­son
  • Board Mem­ber: Mar­i­lyn Lucas
  • Board Mem­ber: Pete Neumiller
  • Board Mem­ber: Gale Sikes
  • Board Mem­ber: Jeff West
  • Board Mem­ber: Nick Cer­nak
  • Newslet­ter: Car­olyn Ferris
  • Social Media & Con­tent Cre­ation: Ben Marks
  • Web Admin & Tech Sup­port: CERNAK I/O




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