TRPS poster by Chuck Sperry

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TRPS poster by Chuck Sperry

Artist Chuck Sperry was commissioned by TRPS to create a poster for the Festival Of Rock Posters held on October 9, 2010 at the Hall of Flowers in San Francisco, CA. All proceeds from the sale of this  7 color screen print poster benefit the TRPS Artist Relief Fund. From and edition of 125.

Chuck comments on this piece

This poster drips with San Francisco-style psychedelia. My special blend of Eye Fry Blue – incorporates 100 percent hand-mixed florescent blue powder in a brilliant blue that has been discontinued. This is the very last can of this particularly pure blue that works in concert with the heavy monster brew of Eye Fry Red. The red was mixed double strong with florescent and punched up with Fire Red. Then I printed each one twice to give it extra Eye Frying Kapow. After preparing the Eye Fry Red, I printed the exact intensity of Eye Fry Blue with a very open screen usually reserved for metallic inks to give it that lasting after image on the eye and in the mind.

The gold metallic wall paper design in the background of the poster image, looks like the type of Victorian wallpaper you might find in The Haight Ashbury, with a little difference. The original damask design has been altered devilishly to mirror the effect such wallpaper has when one stares at it stoned – I know you’ve been there – the patterns become other things. See how many times you can find the word “TRiPS” in my design.

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