Arlene Owseichik Art Director

Fillmore Art Director Arlene Owseichik

The Rock Poster Society arranged a guided tour of The Fillmore for Expresso Beans members who were visiting San Francisco for TRPS Festival of Rock Posters the following day. Tour guides included Fillmore Art Director Arlene Owseichik and TRPS board member (also former Bill Graham employee) Ron Schaeffer. Expresso Beans members were treated to the inner workings of this fabled rock and roll shrine, and hear all about the lore from its long poster legacy.

TRPS really appreciates how kind the Fillmore folks were with giving us this chance. Enjoy these pictures taken by Ron Schaeffer.

Fillmore Poster Room 60s plus

Fillmore Poster Room 60s

Fillmore entry hall, Tour Group

Fillmore Gallery Tour Group

Fillmore Jerry Garcia shrine

The Fillmore on stage

Everyone gets a Fillmore poster

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