Artist Relief Trust Poster for 2017 by Chuck Sperry

On October 26, 2017, in Events, Posters, by Ben Marks

TRPS, Festival of Rock Posters, 2017, by Chuck Sperry

This year’s Artist Relief Trust poster, the proceeds of which benefit the charitable work of The Rock Poster Society, is by Chuck Sperry. It will be available at the Festival of Rock Posters on Saturday October 28. We could not be happier with this 7-color, 20-by-35-inch beauty. Thanks so much, Chuck!

Since this piece is likely to be in high demand, and because we will only be selling one per customer, we are going to do the numbered tickets at the door a little bit differently this year. As in year’s past, people in line will still be able to choose a numbered ticket for Emek, Chuck Sperry, or Marq Spusta—please note that you can only choose one ticket for one artist on your way in the door. The first 20 or so of these numbers for each artist will be mixed up “lottery” style, which means everyone has an equal chance of getting a high number for one of these artists, regardless of how long they have been waiting in line. Once the “lottery” numbers are gone, the next person in line will get 21, then 22, and so forth.

This year, people can also get a TRPS numbered ticket for our Artist Relief Trust poster by Chuck Sperry. Just to spell it out, that means that on your way in the door, you can get numbered tickets for Emek and TRPS, or Spusta and TRPS, or Sperry and TRPS.

See you at the show!


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  1. Patrick Edmondson says:

    As a member living on the East Coast, I am feeling left out. Was chafing at not being able to make it cross country just now when I see this beautiful offering..only available at the show. There should be a way members unable to physically attend would at least have a chance to get a poster.
    -Chuck says he will be doing an online release on Sunday. More details here: https://www.chucksperry.net/the-rock-poster-society-festival-of-rock-posters/

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