Giving Thanks for 2015

On November 26, 2015, in Events, Photos, by Ben Marks


We have finally posted some of Loretta Baraona’s ter­rific pho­tos from the Fes­ti­val of Rock Posters in Octo­ber. That show was just one of many things we have to be thank­ful for this year. We hope you feel the same way, and we hope you get to enjoy some time with fam­ily and friends as the year winds down to a close.


Your pals at TRPS


Gary Houston Dishes Visual Crap

On November 18, 2015, in Events, Posters, by Ben Marks
Gary Houston, 2015. Photo by Loretta Baraona

Gary Hous­ton, 2015. Photo by Loretta Baraona

The other day I noticed a list­ing on Gary Houston’s web­site. It read “Visual Crap: The Poster Work of Voodoo Cat­box” and promised an open­ing at People’s Art of Port­land on Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 21, from 5 to 9.

Now we all know that Gary (seen here at TRPS Fes­ti­val of Rock Posters in San Fran­cisco last month) enjoys engag­ing in a bit of self-deprecation every now and then, but this char­ac­ter­i­za­tion struck me as odd. After all, “crap” is def­i­nitely not how I would describe the artist’s work, although I sup­pose too much of any­thing can begin to look like crap, prob­a­bly even more so if you’re the guy who pro­duced the pre­emp­tively maligned visu­als. To be sure, con­fronting the 300 or so prints from the last umpteen years that Gary has pulled for this exhi­bi­tion may over­whelm, or even stupify, some atten­dees, but I still quib­ble with the word crap. I like this work too much, and must rise to defend it—if nec­es­sary from the artist himself!

On sec­ond thought, it’s his show, so I sup­pose he can call it what­ever he likes. All I know is, I wish I was going to be in Port­land in the next few weeks to enjoy this rare oppor­tu­nity to see Gary’s ouevre, as the art-world-types might call it. If you’re plan­ning to go, please send us some snap­shots, but not any crappy ones. (Have a great open­ing, Gary!)


Flat­stock 48, Bayou,” 2015


Bill Ham at the Hall of Flowers

On October 31, 2015, in Events, Photos, by Ben Marks
Bill Ham & George Hunter

Bill Ham & George Hunter

TRPS pal Emi Ito just sent us a few pho­tos she shot of artist Bill Ham vis­it­ing the 2015 Fes­ti­val of Rock Posters on Octo­ber 24. In case you have been liv­ing under a rock, Bill did most of the early light shows at the Avalon Ball­room, he’s an accom­plished painter, and he recently pro­duced a DVD of his Light Paint­ings, which he describes as Kinetic Abstract Expres­sion­ism. Pick up a copy of his DVD here, and enjoy Emi’s pho­tos below.

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