Mind Spring at Varnish Fine Art

Mind Spring
Chuck Sperry, Chris Shaw, Ron Donovan

New paintings, installations, and limited silkscreen editions

Artist Reception: January 14, 2012, 4pm to 7pm
show on view from January 14th – February 18th.

Lending rock and alternative music a form of visual expression in sync with their urban environments, Chuck SperryChris Shaw, and Ron Donovan embrace, alter, re-assign meaning and re-contextualize images until they become the medium-the subject emerging, used purposely–irreverently or reverently–to transform ephemeral events and experiences into a lexicon of shared cultural visual memory.

Donovan, Shaw and Sperry have made their living creating expressive contemporary prints and posters for both the collector and the general public whose capacity for images is not just at its maximum, but teetering on overload. Dedication to their craft has rewarded them with a mastery of color theory, composition and print design that creates a language that can be seen, perhaps almost heard, amidst a visually competitive, urban environment. Never known for following the consensus of any art establishment, these three have a strict loyalty to their craft, and have become leading innovators of the rock poster art form. Their suspicion and disdain for mainstream American politics often characterizes their approach to making art. With a sincere dedication to a broad public audience, they reflect a social consciousness and draw much from the immediate urban environment.” – Renee de Cossio, curator SFMOMA

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Varnish Fine Art
16 Jesse Street, #C 120, San Francisco
phone: (415) 433-4400

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