The Endless Summer poster by John van Hamersveld

Printing The Endless Summer Poster:
50th Anniversary Artist Edition

An historic collaborative publication by Bruce Brown Enterprises, Post-Future: The Art Company & John Van Hamersveld. Join John as he gives you a rare inside view of the astounding processes that created this special, celebratory edition.

A timeless representation of surf culture, the iconic “Endless Summer”poster continues to impact masses of people across the globe and throughout the decades as surf culture has exploded with the remarkable power of this ubiquitous image.

Poster Details

1st printing of 5000 with anniversary chop. 39 x 27 inches.

Available from Alida Post at postfutureart@gmail.com – see more at post-future.com

Paper – Finch Fine Ultra Smooth 80# Cover. FSC and SFI certified, contains 10% Post-consumer waste.

Inks – UV florescent by Ink Systems Inc. Two double hit passes on each color, plus a double hit of black, 14 colors on the sheet to get vibrancy.

Embossing process – Embossed using a multi level sculptured brass die by Metal Magic Inc.

Note: the Florescent inks use dyes and not pigments, they are more effected by UV rays than pigment inks. Its of absolute importance the posters be handled as art and are displayed behind UV protection and kept away from daylight.

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