Trips Festival 1966 Documentary

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Trips Festival 1966 poster Wes Wilson

Held on January 21-23, 1966 at Longshoremen’s Hall in San Francisco, the Trips Festival featured the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Loading Zone, and more. The event handbill was designed by, who many consider the father of the ’60s rock concert poster, the legendary Wes Wilson. You can get an idea of it’s current value now at ExpressoBeans.com.

We highly recommend purchasing The Trips Festival movie by Eric Christensen, available now on DVD. www.thetripsfestival.com

Trips Festival 1966 Wes Wilson

Rock poster by Wes Wilson. AoR 2.42

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  1. I-) says:

    i held my own private trips fest!

    p.s. where are parts 3 and 5?

    p.p.s thanks for part 6 – what a great way to present what happened that night.


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