The Mothers of Invention at the Seattle Center Arena, April 19, 1969. Poster by John Moehring. Photo courtesy of Split Fountain Hieroglyphics.

The first time I met John Moehring was in a bar in Seattle—he nursed a Perrier, I did the same with a beer. The occasion was the release of Scott McDougall’s Split Fountain Hieroglyphics, whose focus is the psychedelic concert posters produced in Seattle from 1966 to 1969, and whose pages are crammed with Moehring’s work. We hit it off, and in the months that followed, we traded numerous emails and phone calls that have resulted in a new article at Collectors Weekly. In it, Moehring told me about how he got into the rock-poster game, what it was like to hang out with Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Donovan, and Marc Bolan, and what he did after the local concert promoters decided that rock posters were a frill music fans could live without. Check it out!


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  1. William Duncasn says:

    John, Here is a voice out of the past. How are you? I have been digging through my stuff and found a lot of interesting things. I have just finished a book on the “Art of Coins”, coming out soon. Well I am now old and It keeps me doing stuff. I talked to Wes the other day. Wow! A half-hour phone call. I got Bob’s email address and his white hair looks great. How are things going for you? Drop me an email so we might get to talk.
    William Duncan

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