Festival of Rock Posters 2017 Was One for the Books

On October 29, 2017, in Events, by Ben Marks

Well, the 2017 Festival of Rock Posters is almost over—I say “almost” because this morning some of us will be unloading all the grids and gear that it takes to put on the show. In the next few days, we’ll post lots of photos of one of our best-attended shows ever, but for now, we just want to thank all the people who attended, with a big thanks to all the artists and vendors who made the show so great, and a HUGE thanks the all the volunteers who pitched in (and are still pitching in!) all weekend long. Thanks, everybody!


2 Responses to Festival of Rock Posters 2017 Was One for the Books

  1. Joie says:

    My friend and I came from Denver, Colorado and this was absolutely the BEST Rock Poster event EVER! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  2. david byrd says:

    Wotta Show! Wotta crowd! Wotta kool group of copacetic folks! I am still pixilated by all the Good Vibrations. TRPS is the BEST~!!!!

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