Celebrate Earth Day – Light It With Love

On April 10, 2018, in Posters, by Ben Marks

“Earth Day – Light It With Love,” by Carolyn Ferris

As of this writing, Scott Pruitt was still doing his feckless worst to roll back almost half a century of progress on environmental regulation. The good news is that Pruitt’s zeal has been exceedingly sloppy, which has already resulted in successful legal challenges to regressive regulations on pesticides and lead paint. His agency’s lack of diligence is also likely to undermine the proposed undoing of Obama-era mileage targets for automobiles. The bad news, though, is that once Pruitt is inevitably fired for being just another small-time swindler, President He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named will replace him with someone equally loathsome.

Against this unsettling backdrop comes “Earth Day – Light It With Love,” by rock-poster artist Carolyn Ferris. Sponsored by Personify and printed by PSPRINT, the 13 x 17.5-inch poster is fittingly composed of earth-browns, with a ball of ocean-blue at its center. “‘Light It With Love’ is for all who live here now,” Ferris says, “for our children and grandchildren, and for every soul intending to live here in the future.” While the current environmental junta in Washington, D.C. is preoccupied with an unregulated past it claims once made our nation great, the environmental movement continues to advocate for the children of the future.

“Earth Day – Light It With Love” is now available for the special TRPS price of $40, shipping included. To get your copy to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2018, visit Ferris’ site.


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