Artist Relief Trust Poster for 2018 by Emek

On October 18, 2018, in Events, News, Posters, by Ben Marks

In 2008, for the 10th anniversary of the Festival of Rock Posters, our good pal Emek created an instantly classic Artist Relief Trust poster for The Rock Poster Society. For 2018, our show’s 20th anniversary, Emek is back with a spectacular update of that original.

Naturally, this new poster also benefits the Artist Relief Trust, which allows TRPS to distribute funds to rock-poster artists who need a helping hand. Thank you for making that possible, Emek, and thanks also to all the other rock-poster artists who have created Artist Relief Trust posters for TRPS over the years.

You can pre-order a copy of this new Emek screenprint at this year’s Festival of Rock Posters, which takes place on Saturday, October 20, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Pre-order vouchers will be distributed at the door on a first come, first served basis. Because of the limited supply of these posters, vouchers will be limited to one per person, household, or mailing address.

Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., voucher holders will be invited to visit the Artist Relief Trust table near the front door to turn in their voucher and pay for their pre-order. We are giving the pre-order a leisurely three-hour window to avoid crowding at the table, as well as to give our volunteer staffers enough time to make sure everyone’s mailing address is correct.

NOTE: While we expect to be able to accept debit and credit cards via Square, you may want to bring cash in case the WiFi gods decide not to cooperate. 😉

See you at the show!


5 Responses to Artist Relief Trust Poster for 2018 by Emek

  1. Malcolm Carlisle says:

    I can’t attend the show but was wondering if it was still possible to acquire Emeks TRPS poster.
    -Sorry, but you have to be at the show to pre-order. -TRPS

  2. Lee says:

    In the interest of making sure the Artist Relief Trust gets all the money they should, why not make this an online open edition that allows more fans, and people who want to help the organization get this poster. By limiting the release to just at the show and in a limited amount you can be sure that the amount of money that will be generated will all go in the pockets of flippers who will line up the day before to get this print. Who cares if 11,000 are printed, if the posters get in the hands of fans and the money raised from the release is able to help more artists in need then that seems like the right thing to do in my opinion.

    • Malcolm says:

      Well said Lee. You make a strong case. Years ago I was able to get one of these from a long distance, but the times they are a changin’.

  3. I am a member on the East Coast. I am feeling left out of all opportunities with membership. There should be a way for members at a distance can have a chance to get goodies, or what is the point of membership.

  4. Malcolm says:

    Did this sell out? Hoping I can still snag one.

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